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Magento vs. Shopify Comparison Guide

Magento vs Shopify

Experience-driven, limitless commerce vs. template based, non-differentiated commerce

Don’t compromise on your commerce experience by using a one-size fits all solution. Magento is ideal for fast-growing small businesses.


Unlike Shopify, Magento:


  • Allows you to fully control how you deliver your customer experience, without limits
  • Evolves as your business grows and changes over time
  • Supports expansion – Manage multiple stores, transacts in multiple countries, languages, currencies, and use several worldwide shipping providers, all within a single instance
  • Leverages Magento’s large Extensions Marketplace to add rich feature/capabilities and enable integrations with your other digital tools (e.g. ERP, CRM)
  • Enables merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online
  • Enables merchants to handle the complexities of B2B commerce
  • Use this Magento vs Shopify comparison guide to weigh your options. The future of your eCommerce platform and potential business could be impacted by this pivotal information.